About Us

Portrait art by Mame Ozizo
Portrait by Mame Ozizo

Our Story

Kawaii Kuwuma is a lifestyle car accessory brand owned and operated by two BC artists sharing a mutual love for art, animation, cars and fashion.

Terell is the professional photographer and car enthusiast. They met Kat while attending a video editing class at KPU where they bonded over anime, video games, music and art. Terells love for cars started when they were a child surrounded by a family of car nerds and grew even more while working on their Lexus IS300. They went on to attend car meets, shows and shoot various local cars. Terell manages the branding, marketing and aids in designing various products

Kat is the illustrator and anime+video game enthusiast. Her love for anime, cartoons and videogames led her into following her dreams and working in the animation industry. She got into making and selling her personal work when she exhibited at Atomicon and launched her first car sticker based on her dog Mochi! This led to a successful kickstarter funded Mental Health Awareness enamel pins and delving more into designing and producing things she loves. Kat got into cars by attending local car meets with Terell and eventually purchased a project car to work on so they could enjoy a new hobby together.

With their love for cars and cartoons combined - Kawaii Kuwuma was launched as a dedicated car accessory shop.


Our Mission

Kawaii Kuwuma strives to create a inclusive high quality brand that brings people closer together. We believe stories told through art, animation and music are vital parts in connecting all types of people together in our community. We are passionate about making things that spark joy in your daily life and make you unapologetically you.

Rep that fandom, embrace that culture, do what makes you happy - We love to see it and we hope you do too!