Always Tired Society Pin - Mental Health Awareness Hard Enamel Pin

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Living with mental illness, feeling tired is almost a constant feeling. Sometimes it's part of the nature of our mental illness -
Being depressed makes everyday tasks harder.
Or with ADHD with decision fatigue and management taking up so much time.
With OCD and compulsions taking up a lot of energy throughout the day.
You may feel sensory overload, maybe you are tired of trying to be "okay" for others, maybe its your mental illness affecting the quality of sleep, maybe its the constant racing thoughts or your brain never seeming to turn off....

Always being tired is a symptom many people with mental illness relate to. It may feel isolating at times feeling exhausted all the time while putting on the façade of a normally functioning person.

Know you aren't alone with the Always Tired Society hard enamel pin! Politely remind people you are tired - All the time - without saying a word!

~Product Details~
♡ 1.5 Inches
♡ Gold plating
♡ 2 gold deluxe locking pin backs
♡ Iridescent glitter (on the white)
♡ Hard Enamel


A Grade/Standard Grade
Pins are handmade items and can vary from unit to unit. few pins are 100% perfect, but these are VERY close.

B Grade/Seconds Grade
These pins have small noticeable flaws, but they still look rad! You can wear these and the flaws are almost unnoticeable unless you are looking at them closely.