Angel Dress-Up Hardware

Sale price$25.00

Take flight with these angelic wings! These specially shaped washers are perfect to accentuate your license plate or engine bay. Produced in limited quantities , the collectible coffin shaped box is numbered so you know which pair of wings was made just for you! 

Limited to 500 sets

These wings are powder coated white with a light sparkle to fly above all other hardware pieces. 

Conceptualized, designed and produced in collaboration with - Our exclusive hardware it features our signature Kawaii Kuwuma x logo printed on the washer.  You wont find a unique shaped washer like ours anywhere else!

The hardware kit is available in sets of two.

While it may be used as a replacement for any M6 bolt/washer, it has been designed with a license plate in mind.

***Please note that we are not responsible for any damage to the washer or bolt caused due to improper installation or over-tightening. This product is for decorative purposes only***