Heart Dress-Up Hardware

Sale price$15.00

Make your license plate (or anything that needs an m6 bolt) cute with this hardware! Our Heart Washer is specially made to stand out from other washer and bolt sets with its cute shape! We conceptualized, designed and had these Heart Washers prototyped and manufactured so its exclusively sold at Kawaii Kuwuma! 

Aluminum Heart Washer with M6 Stainless Steel Hex Bolt

Our Heart Washer is engraved with Kawaii Kuwuma logo! 

Sold in sets of 4 and 2 (4/2 bolts, 4/2 heart-shaped washers)

Designed to be used to hold up license plate, but can be used to replace any M6 bolt/washer.

Comes in silver, pink, red, blue, and black!


**We are not responsible for user damage to washer or bolt due to improper installation or being over torqued. Hardware is for dress up purposes only.  

Color: Pink
Size: 2 Set