OCD Spinning Pin - Mental Health Awareness Hard Enamel Pin

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OCD was explained to me in a 4 step cycle.
1. Trigger - internal or external. your senses pick up something that makes you think or feel a certain way.
2. Irrational Fear - Something bad is going to happen, it may be completely unreasonable. You must perform the compulsion to avoid it
3. Obsession - Thinking about the irrational fear over and over. It can last for days or weeks. There is no relief for sufferers unless they perform the compulsive act.
4. Compulsion - The part of "doing" the part of OCD. This fixes your irrational fear and makes it go away because you did the thing and prevent the fear from coming true.
* It's not accurate for everyone, but it helps identify triggers and avoid the compulsive behavior. We made this pin as a spinning wheel, to symbolize the cycle people go through with OCD, and to remind them that at every step its going to be okay <3. Special Thanks to Popipin for inspiring the concept of this design!
Lets end the stigma against people living with mental health issues, 50% of profit from this pin is donated to mental health charities, check out the rest of the Mental Health Awareness collection for more designs!

~Product Details~
♡ 1.5 Inches
♡ Spinning Enamel pin
♡ Gold plating
♡ 2 gold deluxe locking pin backs
♡ Iridescent glitter (on the white)
♡ Hard Enamel


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