Sonics Favorite Clothes Holographic Charm

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"Those are Sonics favorite clothes so don't blame me if he gets mad at you!"
2.5" acrylic charm featuring Sonic the Hedgehog in his favorite clothes from the 1999 Sonic the Hedgehog Movie OVA.
Comes with holographic resin finish for a cute retro look. Attach it to a lanyard or bag with a way past cool gold star clasp!

~Product Details~
R͟E͟G͟U͟L͟A͟R͟ S͟I͟Z͟E͟
☆ Double acrylic board
☆ Double sided art
☆ Single Sided Resin Finish
☆ Single sided holographic finish
☆ Gold star clasp hardware
☆ 2.5 inches
*Charms come with plastic packaging and protective film on flat side*